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Z51 Is it any good????



Hi guys,just wondering how many people think that there is much difference between a normal and z51 spec 86 vettes?What are all the differences?Visually,i can tell its got wider rear wheels,but what else is there?


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Feb 22, 2002
Lacey, WA USA
87 Gold Z52 Coupe 02 EB Z51 Supercharged Coupe
Visually, there is no real difference other than the rear wheels and even that is tought to see. You could only get Z51 in the coupe. The ride quality is certainly different and feels much firmer than the base FE1 suspension.

Z51 came with stiffer springs and shocks, larger sway bars, HD lower control arm bushings, quicker steering, additional stiffening braces around the front crossmember, oil cooler, PS cooler, auxilary cooling fan, HD radiator, and was available with either the manual 4+3 or the A4 automatic.

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