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zaino wax



a friend of mine got me some zaino wax for my b-day is this the best or what? what is the best way to apply this.
Zaino Finish Care products

Sharkette, Hi, I have used Zaino on my '79 black beauty and people have hesitated to touch it because the paint ALWAYS looks wet. If you go to their site, tips and instructions are there. A basic kit is outlined with a phone number for information. Sal Zaino answers the phone and will take the time to explain the Zaino product line and answer any questions you have. This kind of product is not cheap. You can not beat it at any price.
Welcome to the CAC! I'm a recent Zaino convert and love it! It's a longer process than the normal wax but well worth the time and effort. Check out the detailed instructions on their site...www.zainobros.com.

Used Zaino for the first time on my 72, followed instructions on their website and it turned out great. I think you will like the results.:cool
Zaino is the best I've ever come across!!:cool
Perhaps we too shall order some.........
.....I mean really.......they're from NJ...so if anybody should know how to clean and protect a car from Acid rain it should be them!

Works great, no dust left sticking to paint when done. Works much better when applied in the shade, not direct sun,
I just order some Zanio and should be getting it any day now, but I would say go to the web site and they give very detailed instructions.


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