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Does anyone have a ZL-1, or know where I can get some more info on this Corvette?
I dont think you have a ZL-1 as there was only two made. I don't think one is accounted for however. If you have it you can sell it and retire rich. If I remember right the other one is owned by a Canadian who purchased it from Rogers Chev in Florida a few years back. It was a 427 all Alum racing engine.
The yellow one is located in Maitland Florida at Rogers Corvette Center http://www.rogerscorvette.com/ The white one is in a private collection in Washington state, I used to have a link for it but I'm at work so I don't have it handy. There is also a guy who goes to the Carlisle-PA show who has what he claims to be a ZL-1 although as far as I know he has yet to provide any proof, this car is red.

There were more than 2 made, however only 2 cars were documented as being sold to the public. I've seen the yellow one in person on a couple occasions and talked to Roger quite a bit about the car, it's absolutely spotless. He purchased the car at a US Marshalls auction for roughly $300,000. The car had been in the possesion of a drug dealer and was not in great shape. I have pictures of the yellow, white and red cars but no way to post at the moment.

I would like to know more about the one in Washington state, if you get to that info...I am in Oregon, and race against Washington drivers in Vintage classes. Our ZL1 roadster should be finished by June. Thanks.



No, our ZL1 is not an original. We are building it up from parts to go racing.

Well good luck with the project. Too bad it wasn't a original ZL 1.

Hey Scoop

Do you belong to or race against SOVREN?
They have an annual Vintage Hill Climb Race at Maryhill Museum's Historic Loops Road (first paved road in the Northwest) in Goldendale, WA right on the Columbia River. You may want to check it out.
I belonged to Goldendale Motorsports Association and was a promoter for the Loops Weekend (1999 & 2000), GMA hosted a car show at the Museum on Saturday, after the racers completed their inspection of the road they 'caravaned' at top speed to the Museum to display their race cars on the Grand Lawn, joining the GMA car show/BBQ and Sunday is race day at the Loops road.

Send me a PM if you'd like more information.

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