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ZZ4 or Heads and things?



As some of you may of read from my web site, I have a delma. My current engine has about 26,000 miles on it, and in great shape, but it has 2 bolt mains instead of 4. I want an engine that has good hp, and that is still streetable. But on the other hand for the price of a ZZ I can get heads, cam, headers, and some other odds and ends. Either way I am going to get 1.6 full roller rocker arms. Any help or opinions you guys could give me would be GREATLY appreicated, thank you :D

Build on what you have


If your 2-bolt mains motor has been well maintained (oil/filter changes on recommended schedule), don't be afraid to enhance it with additional hp add-ons. My son and his business partner are circle track racers. They specialize in "Endurance Racing", 200 laps or more. They usually finish strong (top 5). The key word is "finish." My son's partner owns a automotive engine machine shop. He builds many 2-bolt main racing motors with excellent results. Incidentally, you can convert a 2-bolt main journal motor to a 4-bolt.

Don't be afraid to do what you want.

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