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I've had my '66 since 1974 wen I purchased it from a GM exec. @ the Tonawanda engine plant. I'm trying to determine the rarity of the car based on build stats. options, color & production #s, but Chevrolet doesn't list how many coupes were built w/900 paint codes, only that there were only 1190 total units sold, Can anyone help me out??
Hi I have a 2018 ZO6 C7 with 4 bent rims? Been told it’s a problem.. my car has been at beaker for over 2 weeks
I have a 1986 corvette with cooling fan issues. The main fan located is not coming on but auxiliary fan is. The auxiliary fan comes on at 235 degrees and with my scanner hooked up, can monitor the ECT readings. The scanner readings are 218 degrees but the main fan isn’t coming on.
The dash readings and the scanner readings are off. What temperature does the main fan come on? I checked the fan relay and the fan comes on when tested.
Hi, C4C5 spec, I'll make it quick, I replaced master/slave cyl and hose on my 88, after we bled the sys. the car won't start, seems like the VATS sys, everything comes to life but there's no click, nothing at the started which isn't that old, no codes, where's the first place to look, LOL I can't seem to correct it. Thanks
Yes....still kicking. I did a stint at work from 2012-2014 in Michigan integrating a business that was purchased and then running it. Retired 1/1/15 and then did some consulting until 8/1/15.

While led I was in Michigan I got fully taken up with my photography hobby as there was no time to fuss with the cars. Then in Feb 2018 the guy that painted my ‘60 came over to buff it up for an ISCA show. We got to talk and I dropped the photography hobby and without missing a beat got to work on my 63swc.

I have the body on a SRIII chassis and really trying to do a bang up on the car. Still do my photography but almost every minute in the day is on the car. When I bought it, the car was 101% disassembled so I am putting all back together to check for fits etc and then will take it back apart.

car has C4 rear and c5 front. LS7 with Kinsler cross ram with T56 6 speed. I am building this the way I would want the car...already have a 4 point roll bar installed, Stainless Works exhaust....with tricked out mufflers by SW. lots of detail going into this car over the 60.

in September trailering out to Las Vegas my C7 Z06 for Silver State Classic. My wife was my navigator in 2016 when we were off by 0.954 seconds...good for 5th place in the 105 mph class.
Welcome to the Corvette Action Center!
Which "turbo" Buick do you have or like?
I recently purchased a 2005 vette. The radio with navigation was replaced by the dealer just prior to my purchase; but, the seller could not locate the navigation disc. Since the navigation system has had no data entered at all. can I simply use an update disc bought off ebay to activate the system?
Just finished replacing the heater core on my 71 big block Vette, AC. Having trouble identifing where the two hoses exiting the core go into the engine bay. Can anyone assist with a description of the connection process? Pictures would be a bonus. Much appreciated!
Hello to all. I'm woodrow new member going to purchase my first corvette 1994 Black coupe with red interior. 19,900 miles. One owner kept in garage.never been in snow. Now don't laugh but I'm 75 years old. I can get in and out of it, but I'm going to raise the manual seats about 2" . Will post pictures as soon as I learn how. Thanks Woodrow.
Can anyone tell me the location of the BCM on a 94 Corvette: I have looked under both footwells and want some feedback before going into the radio or behind the dashboard. I changed the ECM above the battery a while back and the car ran great until the computer problems started again. Now, no start. I took it to a Vette specialist but he just made up excuses not work on the car.
I noticed that when I put the accelerator down to kicked down to pass, it feels like I have a dead spot. If I back off and floor it again, it seems to catch. Any ideas of what might be causing this in my 93 coupe? I also noticed that the front end seems to wander a bit. I've had it aligned and new rubber on front. Could this be bushings or shocks need replacement? Thanks!
HELP. I am looking for the plastic gear in the hideaway headlight for my 89 Vette. They want to sell me the whole assembley for $520 here in BC, Canada. I'm not impressed with these people.
2004 vette cruise control, knocks off, after 3 hrs smooth interstate driving. Sometimes traction control follows in an out. I am sure, not touching brakes or button controls. let it cool 30 minutes, works fine. But intervals seem to get shorter. NO trouble codes in D I C . Car garage kept, only 28000K miles. Two vette dealers have checked car.NO HELP ! Any ideas helpful !!!!!
I have a 1998 Corvette C5. THE ENGINE WILL NOT START AND it has to do my gear shift position in while it's set in PARK. Question: Is there a switch or some component that needs adjusting? It seems you have to almost slam the gear shifter all the way forward to get ignition. What's up? HELP.
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