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Remove the valve covers while engine is running. Watch rocker arms. You may notice that one or several may not be moving, or are not moving as much as the others. I have an 82 CE. Had to replace the camshaft. There was a problem with soft metal in camshaft. In my case 2 lobes were worn round.
Thanks, Rob!! Are you going to Carlisle this year??
I have a 1998 Corvette that has been stored in heated area for the past 20 Winters. Is it ok to store in unheated storage on a concrete floor, and disconnect the battery?
I would keep a trickle charger on the battery rather than disconnecting the battery all together
stinger ray
stinger ray
Good idea to cover the concrete where you park your Corvette with some type of flooring.
Moisture can come up through any cracks in the concrete.
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What did you do with your Vette today, Where did you go ?
March 12, 2022, I grabbed my Honey, and we drove over to Smithville Lake, Smithville, MO.. Temps were still only in the middle to upper 50's., so left the top on. I love the "Dipsy doodle" drives on the country roads. Too me that's what "Sports Car" driving is all about. Sure I've got the ability to knock the dust off your doors, but why? Besides, we would rather go easy and enjoy the view.
March 14, 2022. Isn't it strange how all of a sudden the urge to go grabs you. Thru the cover off the Vette and My Honey and I took a short jaunt over to the American Legion Hall for lunch. Round trip maybe 20 miles, but gave me the chance to get the dust off the dash, and blow the spider webs out of the exhaust. Had a few Veteran Bikers there, and I drew a crowd


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After 2 1/2 years of waiting we take delivery of our C8. HTC ELB tomorrow,
Has anyone had any dealings with a MT401 obdprog tool and the correction on a 2012 gs
2012 GrandSport,velocity yellow, LT4 ebony suede
1999 FRC, 28,000 miles, white, Z06 wheels, 6spd.
Initial deposit with Les Stanford: 1/28/21, 1100 status:12/13/21, 2000 status: 2/16/21, 3400 status: 3/1/22, TPW: 3/7/22
I have 2 Corvette's 89 6sp roadster and a 2003 ANN red 6sp. What engine would be best to replace the one in my 89 as it spun a bearing only 41,000 miles. I would like 350hp or more.
The weather is great. In the low 80s. Driving all over with what little highway we have here.:happyanim:
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at last we got to see the C8 coupe in the flesh, only 3 C8’s in Australia and we saw them yesterday 16th Nov
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1991 Wheels complete w/ center hubs excellent condition also mounted Gatorback tires W/7500mi,all original, been in storage for 30yr last used to attain NCRS TOP FLIGHT 612-801-9711
Retraité avec corvette C7 2014 et en attente d'une nouvelle C8
Heureux de joindre les forums. Bonjour à Tous
J'ai en commande une C8 2021 # 1YC67 supposé être assemblée fin mars. comment vérifier la progression.
Hello, My name is ChildishEgg, but you can just call me Childish. I post almost every day Monday through Friday and at the end of all my posts I ask a question. I love conversing with this community. Feel free to send me a message or reply to one of my posts. See ya!
I am selling a brand new
2005-2013 C6 Corvette ZR1 Factory Carbon Fiber Hood Zo6 Grand Sport U21 brand new inferno orange color,


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Hey gmjunkie, I was told your the man to go to. Wondering if you have time to take a look at my post, it's under 92 corvette help forum. Thank you for taking a look before I take bullet in the head:r
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