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    Power window trouble/need help

    I redid my interior in my 75 vette and both power windows do not work now. I can't see anything out of the ordinary with the wiring, etc., do you have any suggestions about trouble shooting or advice?
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    Headlight question

    I just bought a 75 vette and when I turn on my headlights the red headlamps light lights up on the dash. It stays on till I turn off the lights and is this normal or is something wrong. Any feedback will be helpful.
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    Need advice on hyperchip install

    I have a stock 1984 crossfire with a K&N filter. Should I install a streetrunner chip & power coil kit or a thermomaster chip, power stat, cooling fan kit & power coil kit? I have little experience with mixing & matching performance chips. I look forward to your help. Thanks
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