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  • Where you been General haven't heard from you in a long time. Hope this finds you well. You were definitely the life of the party.

    Bill Barkdull
    Hey 'dre,
    What ever happened to the pics and videos from the very first CAC Cruise In @ Auburn, IN? I never heard nor smelled of 'em afterwards. You got them? Send them to me please. email: rodviper1@comcast.net

    I hope you are having a nice life.
    Hey, I just found out that I have some rust on my car. The header on my windshield and on the mounts inside front panel. I see you are a moderator. Do you think I am in trouble. It runs great and I didnt even know about the rust until I went snooping around taking panels off after reading these forums. Pain $6,500 for it so I dont think It is catastrophic for me. How long can I let it go without doing something about it.
    Andre, need you to clarify something about last CF in Cleveland. Today, Oct 7, I was just notified via e-mail that I paid $20 for supporting membership, via pay pal. I thought I paid you with a check for the supporting membership for 2008-2009 and for the events. I was just wondering about this because this is the second time this happened to me. Last year I sent a check for $60 after the CS CF for supporting membership for 2007-2008 after talking to Rob. He told me that pay pal only was set up to charge $20, so I mailed a check for more to help the cause. Then I received a notice in the fall of 2007 that I had been just paid $20 via pay pal. I surely don't mind the extra money as I would pay more to keep the site up. Could you let me know what has happened? I don't want a refund, keep the money for site expenses. Every little bit helps.
    I didn't want to put this on the CAC site as a new thread, so I decided to ask you thru a PM.
    Thanks, Barrett
    You have very nice looking Covette
    I was wondering if you have posted the registration package for the CF yet? Reason I asked is that I saw Gregory (LT4man) said he was registration #4 below the photo of his car on one of his recent posts. I surely want to get my reservation as soon as possible. I have the hotel room. Thanks for any info you may have. I checked the events for CF08, but Colorado Springs was listed for last year.
    Evo- I posted two threads that are virtually the same... I posted one thread under 'care and detailing' and then decided it was more C3 specific, so I posted under general discussion for that era. Sorry to post two. If you'd like, the first can be deleted or we can leave it to get more coverage. What do ya think?
    Here is a pic of that Pace Car I ended up with. Thanks for the help once more!

    Trying to post a reply and it gives me this?

    "You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again."

    Any advice?
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