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    Security Light Stays On

    i just replaced the amp relay in my '87 Vert and all went well with the radio but now the SECURITY light stays on. The alarm arms and works as designed but the light just stays on all the time. During the job of replacing that godforsaken relay, we blew the RADIO fuse on the right of the...
  2. Jeb

    This is a gas

    I have an 87 L98 and use it as a daily driver. What is the absolutely worst thing that will happen if I change to 87 octane gas but keep using the methanol additive? 9/23/12 - Correction Ooops! I meant ethanol, not methanol and the additive I am talking about is to negate the bad effects...
  3. Jeb

    Accelerator Pedal

    I've got an 87 Vert and I'd like to smooth up the accelerator pedal. There's nothing wrong with the way it works but it's sort of jerky when first squeezed down. I try to be as smooth as possible when starting from a dead stop and it's very hard to do this when the pedal isn't smooth. Anyone...
  4. Jeb

    Upper exterior windshield moulding

    Has anyone here ever removed this moulding? If so, are there any tricks to doing it without destroying either the moulding or associated parts? Ooops! Never mind. Moderator, please remove this thread. It's not needed.
  5. Jeb

    Amazing machine work

    Take a look at this - http://youtu.be/3YfTtGCsiD8
  6. Jeb

    Right horn stopped working

    Checked wiring and can't find anything out of order or loose. Has anyone had the same problem and if so.... Oh! I put 12V to the horn and it works. It's not an emergency but the damned car sounds like a twinky when you hit the horn.
  7. Jeb

    Question for Hib

    Hib - Do you have any experience using Lucas Transmission Fix with an automatic in a 87 C4? (Actually, the question is for everyone, not just Hib so don't get the redass because I used his name.) Mine is just starting to slip (just a tad when on the cusp of going into overdrive) and the shifts...
  8. Jeb

    High Oil Pressure

    Two days ago, out of the blue, I started seeing oil pressures in the 70-80 range while at 1500-2000 RPM. Prior to that, I would have 30 or so at idle and 45-55 when at speed (cruising). Any ideas? This is in a 110,000 L98 with no previous problems other than a blown head gasket about 8000...
  9. Jeb

    Inner Window seals

    I've searched high and low for an answer to this question and couldn't find one. I am replacing the inner window seals which are stapled in place. I have removed the old seal and the staples are still in it. I can remove them and reuse them if necessary. But...I gotta ask...are there any...
  10. Jeb

    Changing seats

    Has anyone here ever changed from Sport seats to regular seats in a convert? If so, what is involved? Will the front/back, up/down, recline functions still work? I'm finding that getting in and out, at my advanced age, is getting to be more and more difficult and feel the standard seats...
  11. Jeb

    87 Vert w/Automatic transmission

    Since I've owned this car, the transmission shifts have been rather abrupt and not smooth as I was accustomed to in other cars. On most shifts, when it shifts, there is an audible click or snap. It happens on shifts from 1-2-3 upshifting and I notice it when the transmission shifts back to 1st...
  12. Jeb

    Heads Up

    Something I experienced might help you not experience it. Several weeks ago, I was driving across the Lake Ponchartrain bridge when I heard (and felt) a 'bang!' that sounded like a tire blowing out. Since you cannot stop on the bridge unless everything else fails, I slowed down and tapped the...
  13. Jeb

    1987 L-98 Craps Itself

    Gauges normal. I smelled anti-freeze and my first thought was to check the passenger floor pan for a leaky heater core. It was dry but steam was coming out from the right-front wheel well. Looked under the car and there was a gusher going from the radiator or front of the engine. The liquid...
  14. Jeb

    Power Door Lock Relay

    Can someone tell me where this relay is located in an 87 Vert?
  15. Jeb

    Aaaarrrggghhhhhh! The noise went away

    I am perplexed. Two nights ago, my 87 Vert started buzzing. It ran fine, I parked it in the garage and everything was hunky dory. The next morning, there was a buzzing sound coming from behind the dash. I couldn't tell precisely where but I believe it was from either behind the speedometer...
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