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    Need a little help- start prob

    Need a little of your help-start prob. Just shipped my 64 327/300 vert to Texas. Car was running perfect prior to shipment but when it arrived it would not start, turn over and it was so dead the clock wasn't even running. I know that everything was turned off when...
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    help- need to buy accurate tire gage

    Help -just put four new tires on and checked pressure with five different cheapo pencil type gages and got 5 different readings with as much as 15# varience. Need a good, new tire gage that is reliable. Have three road vehicles here and at this point i'm not sure what any of their tires have in...
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    lousy day

    Great sunny day and I thought For that momma and me would give 64 a little exercise, Started car and windshield wipers came on and stayed on, had to disconnect switch to use vehicle. How does that switch come out? Went for short ride, car running great and decided to stop home and let the dogs...
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    possible 1500 mile trip

    Am thinking of taking vette on a relatively long jaunt -1500 miles and am wondering what you would take along as necessary spare parts since most are not available along the way. car is 64--------327/300 mostly original with new radial tires,coil, alternator-rebuilt. thanks:beer
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    acetone for fuel additive

    Anyone got any experience pro or con on this. Suppose to do great and wonderful things. check out www.pureenergysystems.com for their commentary. what do you think and is there anyone out there who has tried it.;help thanks, :beer
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    1964 rim and tire

    any thoughts on what an original spare tire and rim are worth from a 64 vette? Thanks :beer
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    gps inputs

    Am thinking of using gps system in the car we travel most in or possible hand held unit so it can be used in all. Anyone have any experience with any of these or can recommend what to buy or stay away from. What's a good one cost and do they work?
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    Merry Christmas

    My family and I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas. Here's hoping that this is the best year yet for each of you. We pray that all of you will be safe and careful and also remember the true meaning of Christmas. Thanks for all of the expert...
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    fuel pump--replacement vs rebuilt orig.

    Hey guys am thinking of buying a backup fuel pump to carry on trips and on checking vendor cats. notice a hug disparity between prices, $30 for replacement vs $120 for rebuilt. Thoughts from those of you who have tried the replacement and the rebuilt orig. thanks
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    Was looking through the vendor catalogs and websites for GF90 fuel filter for my 1964 327/300 and found them in the range from $42. to $72. A bit pricey for a fuel filter but who knows. Anyway found a website called AC-Direct.com that is showing the GF90 fuel filter for $12.61. Has anyone...
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    Exhaust ports

    What do all of you people do with the standard rear exhaust ports when going to side pipes. Could just leave the holes with the bezels but that might look funny. :beer
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    brake petal spring and bushing

    Have broken spring I think on my 64 brake petal, How difficult to change the spring and the bushing or should I just go to Autozone and get a buck spring to hold it back until winter rolls around. Thoughts. Looks like a pain in the butt to try to wrap my 200+ lb. frame in that area. will end up...
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    Arkansas Info

    Looking more like relocation to the Hot Springs, Ark. area. With the mountain ranges and winding country roads, it looks like a great place to exercise my 64 vert. Anyone know of the local clubs or enthusiast's in that part of the country. Did see a couple nice c-1's in the area last trip...
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    State Farm Insurance

    Everyone needs to read the State Farm Thread currently on the c-2 section. Make sure that you have the coverage that you think you do. Chances are you may not have.
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    state farm Insurance

    Better be sure that you have what you think you do. Check comments on State Farm in C-2 section.
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