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    location of knock senser connector

    does anyone know the easiest way to check the knocksensor connectors? i had an issue with my 1,155 mile A6 in S mode the other day. it showed 1st on the HUD but the car was in 2nd. also an issue paddeling out of 3rd. happened for about 10 min. and seems back to normal but i haven't driven since...
  2. jimmie jam


    for sale. vette net, new style. black. on car once. as new in box. $290 shipped. drivers side headlight w/bulbs. new in GM box. $40 shipped.
  3. jimmie jam


    getting ready to order an 07. would like the nav toy but hate to give up the 6CD in dash. I don't know much about MP3 or IPOD stuff, but, can I utilize the MP3 to have multiple sources of music (like having 6 cd's in dash)? how difficult would this be (any modifications)? In addition, I have the...
  4. jimmie jam

    F/S 2004 VERT, 4,700 MILES

    2004 vert. 4,700 adult driven, non-smoker miles. white/oak/oak. 1SB, A4, Z51, magnesium wheels, all the toys. kept in a/c garage, no rain, paint or body damage. in service 8/04. PRICE REDUCED $37,000. WARRANTY TILL 2011. getting ready to order an 07 vert. thanks. car is in fort lauderdale. send...
  5. jimmie jam


    WTB one (or two) magnesium wheel(s). new, never mounted. 17' ONLY. thanks.
  6. jimmie jam


    anyone successfully spray touch-up the rim/lip of mag wheels without painting the whole wheel. do they have clearcoat on them? thanks.
  7. jimmie jam


    has anyone had the control arm washer/bushing recall done on an 04? it is necessary? thanks.
  8. jimmie jam

    polysteel radials

    F/S 4 new 225/70 x 15 goodyear polysteel RWL. these tires have 500 miles on them (yes 500). they have not been made since 1984. OEM on 78 thru 82. a must for top flight, etc.. stored in a/c and appear as new. they were on my 79 just for the trip to the regional meet for judging. they are not...
  9. jimmie jam

    vert wind screens

    has anyone used/use a wind screen on their vert. they look good but do they work. $400 is a bunch of money if it dosen't work. they claim that there is no modification to install???? please, any help or info. thanks, j.j.
  10. jimmie jam

    euro light conversion

    trying to find gm part # for euro tail light conversion "kit". after market sells this but i think that it is a gm kit. trying to buy direct from gm counter @ my discount. the guys at chevy can't be bothered to research/find for me. thanks for any help.
  11. jimmie jam

    broken bulb removal

    is there a way to remove shattered pieces of bulb from inside drivers side light housing? i hit a bump in the road last night and the bulb shattered.:mad :cry can anyone help me on this.....please.:confused thanks.
  12. jimmie jam

    DIC, dash lights on and off.

    I have a 2004 vert with 4,000 miles. On two seperate occasions when I start the car and attempt to change settings the dic all dash lights go out (even radio) but everything works???? i hate to surrender this car to the dealer (no service inhouse yet). is this common and is there an easy fix...
  13. jimmie jam

    225/70 X 15 Poylsteel Rwl

    I Have 4 Nos Tires With 500 Miles On Them, As New. These Are A Must For A Correct Restoration/ncrs Flight Judging. These Tires Have Not Been Made Since 1984. Correct For 78 Thru 82. Only As Set $1,200. Might Seem Steep But When Was The Last Time You've Seen These New?
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