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    My new C-6

    I just picked up 2008 C-6 ZHZ. I got a great deal from my dealer. It has 89K miles and looks and runs great. It had to be special to get me to sell my 96 Purple C-4 with the LT4 motor
  2. jmhorn52

    LT4 Torn

    I have a 96 LT4 purple coupe. I love this car it has 105k miles. My wife saw a yellow 2009 base coupe with 14k miles and auto. Its nice but nothing like the LT4. The price is 35k. Its quiet fast beautiful car. I just don't know if I want to spend the money and give up the rawness of the C4 for...
  3. jmhorn52

    LT4 96 LT-4 died

    Went to start my car the other day and all it would do is turn over, no fire. I checked all connections and everything seemed fine. Finally had it towed to the dealer. The ECM was getting power but none coming out. So it was replaced. The new one quit . They went through all the grounds and...
  4. jmhorn52

    LT4 MAF sensor code

    My service engine light soon came on. I had it checked at advance auto which showed p0100 as the code which is the MAF sensor. The light went off on its on before I had it checked. Also my battery had died and I needed to jump the car would this cause the light for the sensor to come on. Thanks...
  5. jmhorn52

    Motor Oil

    I have started seeing advertising for bio motor oils for cars. With all the knowledgable people here I was wondering if anyone has used this in their vette or know if any is suitable for use in it. The companies said it has been approved for use in motor vehicles even high performance engines...
  6. jmhorn52


    The horn on my 96 is very quiet. is there a loud replacement for the stock How hard is it to put an airhorn on the car. I want people to hear me when they run me off the road and they are to stupid to look in their mirrors before changing lanes
  7. jmhorn52

    LT4 New Vette

    I have been gone for a while after I sold my 1988 Vette. Yesterday I bought another 1996 dark purple metallic coupe lt4 corsa exhaust k&n filter system
  8. jmhorn52

    Cruise control

    I am having a problem with cruise control on my 88 coupe with an automatic. I t appears to be engaging automatically even with the switch in the off position. when I take my foot off the gas the car will continue at that speed or accelerate. when I apply the brakes the car will slow an idle at...
  9. jmhorn52

    Removed mufflers

    I removed the mufflers from the rear of my coupe. I replaced them with slim resonaters with dual chrome tips on each side. It cleaned up the underside of the car. They also gave it a nice deep rumble, just a little louder than stock. I bought them from corvettecentral. they are $189. for the...
  10. jmhorn52

    New Shocks

    I just replaced the shocks on my 88 coupe with the Z52 suspension. I bought some KYB's. The ride is good and the price was good for all 4 of them. The ride is good and the handling is still great. Whoever owned the car before me haad put gabriels on the back adn I appeared as the front shocks...
  11. jmhorn52

    Hi from new Corvette owner

    I just purchased a 1988 Yellow coupe, I got a pretty good deal on ebay. Car runs great but could use some cosmetic work. It has 165k miles. I am enjoying the heck out of it. Nothing like the sound of good ole American V8. I am in Hampton VA.
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