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    PKE module - would a 96 fit a 94?

    Or does anyone know where to buy a new one? Thanks, Rick
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    Question about tires...

    ...I know that summer tires shouldn't be driven in snow, but is there something about the tread compound that would preclude you from driving them on dry roads when it's cold? It appears that the temperature rating would allow it.
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    Head gasket in....but.....

    Just came home from the shop...they got the head gasket in and it's running, but it's missing on at least one cylinder. I felt so sorry for my mechanic because just before I got there someone had just chewed him out about something. It's still throwing the sys light and the odo err. His...
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    Heated seats

    Has anyone put those aftermarket heated seats in their C4? I'd like to hear about what brand, how you did it, any problems...
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