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    LS7Manifold question

    HI I have a 2002 coupe blackwing, 160 degree therm, Z06 Ti exhaust and street tuned. I was advised that l should switch my manifold to a LS7. Any thoughts, l do not track it and l really don't want to spend too much until l decide l'm going to keep it. Right now l'm approaching 20,000...
  2. kingman

    Speedline Lingerie bra questions

    Hi I am going to be buying one used! What should l look for and is there really more then one generation as far as how it attaches to the front? What hardware should it come with and can l but the hardware directly from Speedline if needed? Thanks
  3. kingman

    WTB Speedline bra Torch Red Used

    Hi I will be taking a 850 mile trip to Atlanta this summer and would like to pick up a used Speedline bra. I realize that they made more then one generation so please note which one if known. I would of course need all of the parts so that l can attach it. Thanks Alan
  4. kingman

    Buying, selling and trading ???

    Hi Why is that nobody try's to sell, buy or trade here?? While l look at the other forum l just feel that the people lurking there are not the kind of people that l would want to deal with. Now l'm not saying that all of them are like that but again there are an awful lot of them. I'm...
  5. kingman

    ABS & Active handling lights came on ??

    Hi After jump starting my 2002 auto because of a dead battery l took it out for a spin for about 15 minutes because l had limited time and noticed that the clock reset itself and while driving both the ABS & active handling lights came on. I am aware that one of them will set the other off and...
  6. kingman

    Optima red top battery

    Hi Well my orig Delco just died so l have to replace it. Advance has a good sale on the red top for $125 plus a $25 mail in rebate but l have read in the past that l would need a battery mat in case of leakage. Am l better off with a dealer replacement Delco so that l can forget about the...
  7. kingman

    White C4 caught in tornado on CNN

    Hi I was just watching CNN and they were showing the damage in northern Indiana after a tornado hit and they showed a guy walking next to his house with a white C4 sitting in his driveway. The house was gone but the C4 looked ok. Is he a member here and if he is my heart goes out to him and...
  8. kingman

    Blackwing instal help

    Hi I'm going to put the Blackwing on now and l need a little help. I have the directions but hit a wall on the first step. Sounds dumb but better safe then sorry. 1) can l turn off the underhood light even though l'm sure it will not kill the battery? 2) What is the proper way to unplug...
  9. kingman

    How to wash a car cover

    Hi I have l believe a stormshield car cover which cost over $200 and l want to wash it. The question is what is the best way and l know to use woolite? Thanks Alan:beer
  10. kingman

    Fuel gauge question

    Hi On saturday when l started my 02 the gauge showed empty and the message center read "low fuel" Now l realized that l was low but l thought l had at least 4 gallons left and was going to get it fueled up. So just to be safe l picked up a gallon and a half in a gas can and added it to the...
  11. kingman

    Blackwing instal time !!!!!

    Hi I have been putting it off for almost a year and l decided to do it the week after next. I had the directions that were easy to follow and numbered but l can't seem to find them. Where can l find the best directions and do l really have to disconnect the neg battery terminal. Thanks...
  12. kingman

    Exhaust Question

    Hi I'm thinking about replacing my exhaust system to give a louder note when l get on it. Being that l only have 14,000 miles on my 02, can l save my curent system and switch back to the stock system when and if l sell it by just swapping it? When the exhaust system is replaced do they...
  13. kingman

    Steering column lock????????

    HI Since my 02 never had this problem l never followed this problem except remembering that you can add a steering lock bypass. My friend has a 98 and has had this problem 3 times, this past weekend was the third time. I believe he had it orig fixed by his dealer and when the warranty was...
  14. kingman

    C5 price's moving up???

    Hi I have been noticing that the price's of C5's have been moving up or at least holding their value recently. Yes l am aware that this is the prime time but C5's that have low mileage (Under 20,000 miles) no matter what year seem to be falling into this area. It doesn't seem to matter if...
  15. kingman

    0-60 times

    Hi 2002 with the performance rear (3.15) auto, what should my 0-60 times be and what would be the difference with a blackwing? I understand that each vette is a little different as well as the driver. All that l am looking for is a guess. Thanks Alan:beer
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