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    C4 Corvette Intentionally Set on Fire

    My thoughts exactly
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    New c4 owner here

    Welcome! Blue on blue has always been one of my favorite color combos!
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    [EBAY] 1984 Corvette "Project" Car That Sat for 15 Years - Brace Yourself!

    Sad to see any Corvette just sitting and wasting away.
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    Headlight Question

    So a couple of weeks ago I replaced both of the crappy plastic gears in each of my headlight motors, along with all four headlights. Now the high beam on the passenger side will not light up. Driver's side works fine. I checked it with the driver's side bulb and still doesn't light up. Any...
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    Long weekend trip

    So I finally got to take the Corvette on a long weekend trip. We left Sunday morning and got home late Wednesday night. Roughly 1100 miles from home. It made me love the car even more. We cruised at 80mph on the highway, attacked some county roads in Kentucky and Tennessee, and that Borla...
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    Raise it back up?

    My 03 was lowered on the stock suspension when I got it a few weeks ago. However, I live in a somewhat rural area and the cowl drags on my driveway and on some of the roads that I drive. So I need to raise it back up to stock height. How do I do this? Do I need to put it on jack stands, take the...
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    Found this on cars.com. Too good to be true?

    2003 Chevrolet Corvette 50th Anniversary Edition, $9,800 - Cars.com I have emailed the guy and he says the car is in Olympia, WA and that the price includes shipping. He says it has 35k miles. I checked the VIN and it came back that the check digit was incorrect. Could be a typo. I asked him...
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    Daily Driver

    Really considering a C3 as a daily driver. How many of you are there that drive the C3 every day and have to deal with Ohio type weather? My wife loves the C3 shape and look and I'm thinking the only way I might convince her to (it shames me to admit this) allow me to have another Corvette it...
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    The mid-engined Corvette is happening!

    I'm so glad they are moving forward with this! This is the mid-engine Corvette test mule
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    Wanted 1963-1967 Corvette WTB Want To Buy

    Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but here are some offerings on Hemmings website http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/chevrolet/corvette/1648848.html http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/chevrolet/corvette/1645031.html...
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    Grand Sport 2010 Corvette Grand Sport vs. 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    Gotta admit, I like the interior of the Mustang better than that of the Vette, but the final result was really not a surprise.
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    Seat Switch

    I have been thinking about swapping out the seats in my Z. Does anyone have any suggestions? The main reason I am thinking about this is my rear-end doesn't fit in the seat as comfortably as I would like. Okay, I have a fat a$$. That's the truth. Thanks in advance.
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    Gordon Killebrew To Be Inducted Into NCM Hall Of Fame

    I spoke with Gordon Killebrew's wife the other day, I was getting the school schedule for 2007, when she told me that he was going to be inducted into the National Corvette Museum's Hall Of Fame on August 31st. Just thought I would pass on the information to everyone as Gordon has been a wealth...
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    Cheap ZR-1

    As the guy says in the ad, it is 17 years old, but buy it now price is $12,900. Even with 125k on the clock, that just seems cheap. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Chevrolet-Corvette-1990-CORVETTE-ZR1-ZR-1-LT5-BLACK-ON-BLACK_W0QQitemZ330050699885QQihZ014QQcategoryZ6168QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Jim
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