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    Short/bare block 350, will any work with my TPI?

    Hi, looking at a C4 that needs an engine. My question is, if I bought any 350 block would it work with the heads and intake of the TPI system? I’m not willing to pay 1200 for a used replacement, I’d rather build one (leaving it stock) and leaving it fuel injected. I’d imagine on all 350’s the...
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    Where to find replacement and how to replace early c4 positive battery cable?

    Hi, my 85 positive battery cable is FRIED. I cannot find a replacement let alone find how to replace it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    Help! How to re install transmission filler tube into bell housing and transmission?

    Hi, I’m reinstalling my 700r4. I have every bolt hand tightened except for the one that connects to the filler tube (top right.) my problem is, I can’t get it to seat into the pan without messing up the alignment with the bellhousing. Any tips? There’s no way I’m pulling this transmission out...
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    My COMPLETE C- 4 auto trans removal

    Hi, I hope this will help someone with removing their auto trans. Disconnect battery. Disconnect tv cable from throttle body. Remove exhaust, from below the headers completely back. Just remove this entire portion of the exhaust. Remove drive shaft. (5/16). Remove c beam. 21 mm bolt and 19mm...
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    Would like advice to be able to finish removing my 700r4

    Hi, I have most of everything out to be able to remove my 700r4. I studied other threads but there are two things I couldn’t get. I need to remove my cooler lines. I figure I need to drop the trans quite a bit to do so, without it attached to the engine. Best way to remove the lines? (I have the...
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    What kit to go with to overhaul my transmission for my 1985 700r4 corvette?

    I can’t really find any rebuild/overhaul (I know their different) kits for my year range. All I can find is 1982-84, and 86-94. Nothing for my 85. I’m looking to do an overhaul, not a full rebuild, but if I can find a rebuild kit that works I’ll buy it. I need the bare minimum though, including...
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    Question: 17YO need help deciding to upgrade to a later model C4 this summer, or keep current cars

    Hi I’m contemplating what to do about my 85. Bought it 8 months ago for 1200. I’ve taken a lot of the interior out because I was going to re-do it. Never happened, so parts are just in pieces but it’s mostly intact. The exterior is also rough, but definitely looks nice from 10’. I’ve bought a...
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    Will 92 seats fit in an 85?

    Just making sure these will be a direct fit because my current seats are in terrible condition, and I’ve found a pair out of a 92. Anything special needed to be done to do this? My dr seat is power pass is manual adjustment. Thanks
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    Looking to get opinions from those who have rebuilt their corvette 700r4 as their first rebuild

    I hope for your sake and mine this is my last time posting about my 700r4. I’ve found a cheap core that I’m looking to rebuild. I’ve heard people say it’s not that bad. I’d be buying a rebuild kit and any special tools I’d need, like a ring puller and whatever else that’s necessary. For those of...
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    Will this 700r4 be a direct swap from my current 700r4 in my 85 corvette? (Craigslist Link)

    Just curious if those of you who have a clue on different variations of the 700r4, do you think this will work in my 85 corvette without too much fabrication? Thanks 700R4 Transmission - auto parts - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
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    Where can I find the screw thread vinyl protectors for my 1985 corvette door panel?

    Hi, I’m not exactly sure what to call what I’m looking for. Upon removing my door panels, the rubber pieces that the threads go into have broken from old age. I’m not sure where to find a direct replacement so my door panel can be properly fitted again. Thanks
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    Will an 87 el Camino 700r4 fit behind an L98 1984 corvette?

    Will an 87 el Camino 700r4 fit behind an L98 1985 corvette? Hi, I need a new trans and I’ve found one somewhat cheap that the owner says it was rebuilt. Came out of and 87 el Camino. I’m wondering does it have the same bolt pattern for the bell housing and what do you guys think I’d have to do...
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