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Question: 17YO need help deciding to upgrade to a later model C4 this summer, or keep current cars


Feb 16, 2020
Hi I’m contemplating what to do about my 85. Bought it 8 months ago for 1200. I’ve taken a lot of the interior out because I was going to re-do it. Never happened, so parts are just in pieces but it’s mostly intact. The exterior is also rough, but definitely looks nice from 10’. I’ve bought a new radiator, cooling hoses, thermostat and belt for and and replaced all those. Also has a front seal leak. So as you can tell it needs a lot of time and money to bring it to good or decent condition. I have another car, the one I actually drive that would sell quick for 2k. I have about 1k saved, I’d need 1500 just for a new tranny. If I can keep my part time job, do you guys think I should save some money to buy a later version c4? I’m worried soon enough I’ll be laid off for a few months with no income. The plan would be to sell the current corvette and save some money, and have my dad loan me some while I try to sell my other car. Of course I’d have quite a bit more money saved before selling either cars. I really like everything better about the later version c4. The only problem is I really like my current cars but I’d also like having a really nice corvette. What do you guys think I should do? Really appreciate any help. Hope this corona virus slows down soon. Thanks
Save your money, son. If you can sell the 85, and get your money out of it, then do it.

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