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    The BlackforceOne C6

    Found this at TopGear.com. They actually seem to be a bit more impressed with the C6 since they had the chance to drive the ZR1. Now they've found this 'tweaked' Vette, the "BlackforceOne" by Loma Performance. Thought I'd post it here and see what folks thought of it. "We quite...
  2. Patrick

    A Letter From Chevy

    In the mail today, I got this letter from Chevrolet: Nice letter, but it's basically a marketing effort intended to stem the anticipated flow of customers away from GM when the coming bankruptcy scares people away from buying from GM anymore. I imagine recent purchasers of other GM makes have...
  3. Patrick

    Grand Sport 2010 MY: Return of the Grand Sport

    No, the "Tim Giethner Signature Edition" Corvette will allow you to skip out on paying the sales tax, and thus put you in line for a Cabinet position.
  4. Patrick

    Be Cool: The Addendum for C6 Owners to Understand Their Corvette

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Two years ago, as a public service, I wrote “Be Cool: Common Pitfalls for the C5 Owner & How to Avoid Them” as a guide to understanding the relationship between a Corvette owner and their ride. The common unit of measure in that guide is the “Coolness Quotient,” the...
  5. Patrick

    Is Obama Trying To Kill The US Auto Industry?

    Obama to Issue Memoranda That Will Have Far-Reaching Effect on U.S. Auto Industry President Obama is expected to issue two presidential memoranda Monday that will increase fuel efficiency standards and likely allow states to decide tailpipe emission limits. January 26, 2009 [LINK to Source]...
  6. Patrick

    UAW's Legacy at GM

    I have two words for anyone who doesn't believe that union so pre-occupied with its own self-interest can't bring down an automobile manufacturer: British Leyland. This editorial today points directly at how the UAW is bringing down the big three. Bottom line: the UAW is the biggest...
  7. Patrick

    Jeremy Clarkson's Christmas Present to Corvette Owners

    I think Clarkson really is impressed with the ZR1. Mind you, this is coming the unequalled master of the backhanded compliment, but these thoughts were posted to the TopGear.com website on Christmas Eve. Don't believe me? Here, have a look for yourself (but brace yourself to still be a little...
  8. Patrick

    The Review You've Been Waiting For: Top Gear on the ZR1

    ...And the Cadillac CTS-V & Dodge Challenger. A journey from San Francisco to the Bonneville Salt Flats. I somehow think workers at the Bowling Green assembly plant will not like how Jeremy Clarkson describes them. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. And I have just sent the State...
  9. Patrick

    Recurring Power Drain

    I've now had to deal with the same problem three times in the 14 months since I got my '06 Convertible. The problem is some form of power drain that kills the battery. When this first came up a year ago in October, I attributed it to the fact that prior to my purchase of what had been a...
  10. Patrick

    Question: Opinions on XM Radio?

    My 90-day free trial period of XM Radio has expired, and I've now been presented with a bill in case I want to continue with the service. So I'm curious what other C6 owners think about XM radio. My own experience? I think I tuned in and listened to XM stations maybe twice during the...
  11. Patrick

    C&D Magazine, Nov. 07: Dempster Corvette II

    As I write this, I'm at my aunt's place in California. I got here Tuesday evening to be a part of some festivities for my Grandmother's 87th birthday. No sooner had I walked in the door than my aunt's husband hands me a copy of the November, 2007 edition of Car & Driver magazine. Why would...
  12. Patrick

    A Letter from GM

    An interesting piece of mail arrived today. See what you all make of it: There's a detachable questionaire at the bottom of the letter. Am I interested (Yes or No), Original owner (Yes or No), Odometer reading, Year, Make and Model, and owner contact information. [FONT=Arial Narrow]So...
  13. Patrick

    New Acquisition

    After four years with my Z06, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to at least be able to remove the top on a nice day, enjoy the sun. So I've made an upgrade. Replacing my 2003 Black Z06 is this 2006 Black Roadster. Currently, she has 3,600 miles on her. She's a six speed...
  14. Patrick

    Z06 Spice: The Sequel

    Some of you CAC members who've been here for a while may remember about three years ago, I posted a little bit of prose called "The Joy of Z06." If you haven't seen it before, click the link and give it a read- It got some reasonably good reviews at the time. :) Well, that was three years...
  15. Patrick

    Attention C5 Owners!

    ...Especially those of you in: - Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas & Nebraska - New Mexico, Wyoming & Utah - Arizona, Nevada & California - Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Montana And our Canadian friends in: -British Columbia, Alberta, Sasketchewan & Manitoba Have you registered for the Corvette Action...
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