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    C4 Southern California Run

    If you are interested Click Me
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    Warning! VBP Part II

    Part I August 12, 09 A sale from VBP does no good. Selling defective parts and with a substandard customer service I would never buy their products and would not recommend their business ever. I bought my parts on "sale" and the savings do not match to the discomfort I've received from VBP...
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    Warning! Am I the only one with this Customer Service Issue???

    Months ago I ordered four rotors for my 96 Vette from Vette Brakes and Products. The sports suspension system, a complete bushing set (frot & rear) and the C5 Brake Kit Upgrade for late C4s. 10 components came out defective. Two-Front caliper brackets, two-front rotors, two-rear rotors and...
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    LT4 LT4 Collector Edition

    Gents, yesterday I visited my girlfriend at her work and there, on the parking lot was a 96 Collectors Edition Coupe! I got closer and... 1. Needs lots of TLC 2. Non-F45 Likely to be a Z51 3. I noticed the 6 Sp, so it is a LT4 4. Interiors are BAD. Needs new carpets all around 5. Doesn't even...
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    Help! Bias Spring Popped...HELP

    I was disassembling the master cylinder's rear spring bias and once I released the O ring all parts popped out. Attached is two pictures A & B. Can anyone tell me which way these parts go back in? Thanks A: B:
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    Help! New MSD, Starts and Dies...

    I posted this on the Cf and DC. I installed new shorty headers, new O2 sensors, new MSD Pro-Billet Optic Distributor, new MSD Blaster Coil, new MSD wires and new OEM AC plugs. The Vette started right away and lasted 2 seconds, tried again, lasted 2-3 seconds, again, 3 seconds. I tried a...
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    Going to Iraq Storage Help Needed

    Gents, I'm going to Iraq for 14 months. My C4 needs the care she rates. What are your recommendations for storage, etc etc
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    Engine Wash

    I washed the engine just like I have done before. The engine started normal and I took off to do a lap around the block, got on the steet and then.... tranny would not shift to 2nd and the engine now stays at 1,500 RPMS. The "SERVICE ASR" light came up, I restarted the engine and never came back...
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    Slotted/Drilled rotors

    I purchase slotted/drilled rotors a while back and they improved my braking. My question is how are they supposed to be installed? Why Am I asking because I have seen on TV, on the street and magazines installed both ways. With the slotted pointing forward and backward. This is the way I...
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    Injector Problem need help!!!!!!

    I just installed new ACCEL injectors and the car is shaking a little and white smoke is comming out the right muffler. I swap them back with the stock and the shaking went away but then lots of white smoke was coming out. I took it out, I was mad so I rev it up to few 5600 RPMs and the smoke...
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    Beware of M S D Ignition

    Beware of M S D Coil
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    I replaced the AC Delco coil with a MSD and ever since I do not have a "smooth" start. Are these aftermarket coils any better than AC Delco or factory?
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    Fuel Pressure Regulator

    :D I know this one has been around here...I looked in the search engine and I read some angry comments and this is what I need. Need to know the correct fuel pressure for a 95 CORVETTE automatic using an adjustable pressure regulator. Please specify if the vacumm line should be off or on.
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    LT4 LT4 Conversion Kit

    My head is playing tricks on me. Weekly I wonder how it would feel to install a LT4 Conversion Kit in my Corvette. Have anyone done this to their LT1. This may be a project to be accomplished for next birthday. I'd say I'll need extra new parts like timing belt, injectors etc. If anyone...
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    Vortex Ram Air

    I installed the Vortex Ram Air yesterday. I love :mad the way the vendors take pictures and show how easy installation will be. It shows that it may takes 25 minutes to do, it took me over four hours to get it done. I went to hell and back by just removing the radiator shrub. "Love those three...
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