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    Dyno guess game for fun

    Ok guys and gals i am not looking for a debate on what are the best mods for an LT1. I just thought a few of you might want to take a guess at what my rear wheel dyno results will be on 5-17-13 at TPIS in Chaska MN. Here is a list of upgrades i have performed and my vets info. 1995 lt1 (300 hp...
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    Question: optispark for 1995 corvette base

    Ok i have started to do some performance upgrades on my 1995 coupe. When i went to buy a delphi optispark i found many of them online. My question is why do they say "not compatable" when i select my car. They say they will work on a indy 500 model vin p but not the base model vin p. What gives...
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    Help! 1995 vet overheating

    Hello i have recently purchased a 1995 torch red vet. I have put about 2000 miles on it and twice the temp has gotten up to 250 and low coolant light comes on. Overfill bottle is full and leaking out cap. Previous owner had dealer install new radiator and water pump i have replaced thermostat...
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