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    Question: Quick Fuel carburetors

    has anyone used these carburetors on your car? opinion? Thansk, Gary
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    Car Show - Judging

    Does anyone have a judging sheet that I can use at our upcoming Corvette car show that you would share with me? this is a wash and show event. thanks, Gary
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    69 with AC and no overflow tank

    I have a '69, 350 with factory A/C. On hot days the radiator coolent will flow out of the short hose attached to the rad overflow, not much, but some. I purchased a '69 overflow tank and straps, but couldn't install where the tank should go because of the A/C unit. Now i'm told that small...
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    Corvette Car show- St. Louis area

    Our Corvette Club-Boone Trail CC is sponsoring our annual Corvette Charity Car Show this Saturday- 25AUG12. flyer. http://www.boonetrailcc.com/Charity_Show.pdf Thanks, Gary
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    Custom Steering Wheel for my '69

    I replaced the stock steering wheel in my ’69 with a ’82 for the smaller diameter wheel. I like the look, however I’m thinking about replacing again with a custom steering wheel. I have visited the CAC advertisers and didn’t find any to my liking. The Grant wheels can close, but I’m still...
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    replace the Heater core

    I need to replace the heater core on my '69. Without removing the A/C parts in the engine compartment is there an easier way to do the replacement? First I will try Stopleak to see if that does the trick. Thanks, Gary
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    Cloth seat covers - 2nd post

    Hi again, The seats in my '69 covers were custom cloth and some of the holding wires(?) which ran from the material though the seat to the spring are loose causing bulging and wear on the seat cover. I’m going to replace the holding wires any instructions or help replacing these is welcome...
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    1969 door lock replacment - 1st post

    Hello, I’m replacing the door locks on my ’69 and would appreciate advice on the installation. I have replaced one and taking the lock out was not too bad, but putting in the new lock due to the tight area and new lock spring is difficult and took me hours. Am I missing an easier way to...
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    4 speed and starting the car

    Question - I was told that on a 4 speed you can only start the car if the car in Neutral. My '69 will start sometimes in reverse and sometimes not. Does the lockout interlock need adjusting?
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    Car keeps running...

    I purchased a 1969 Corvette from a out of state dealer in June. It has a 350 that has been modified for high performance. I dealer would not get me the past owners name and so I do not have contact to discuss the engine mod’s. It does run very well :) My problem is, after a drive the engine...
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    Help! 1969 door key

    Hello, I just bought a 1969 Corvette Conv with no door key. The owner claimed that he didn't have one. What do I need to do to have a key made? do I have to take the door apart to remove the door lock. any help is greatly appreciated. Gary
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    Water pump failing???

    After driving, I can smell antifreeze, With my prevouis Vett this was the water pump failing and easy to check by drops of water on the floor under the pump and the rad fan had some back and forth play. On this one no water drips from the pump, no fan on the block to tug on and water level...
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    Charity Corvette car show 8/29

    August 29, 2009 our club is sponsoring a charity car show - Corvettes only. The charity is ALS. Location: Bandanna's BBQ on Mid Rivers Mall Drive near Highway 94 in St. Peters, MO. $15 per car. Registration starts at 4pm. I hope to see you there! Link...
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    50th anniversary patch

    I received by NCCC package and within was the 50th anniversary patch. On the back side “Made in China” sticker was attached, I find this very disconcerting that our organization would, for cost reasons have the patches made outside of USA. Just my $.02
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    Car show question...

    Our club has an annual charity corvette car show and I was selected to coordinate the judging. The judging will be based of class of car, C1 – C6 stock of modified. Does anyone have a judging form that they would share with me? Gary
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