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  • Scott

    Just read Bud's message and am sorry that you can't hook up with your sister. Are you planning on stopping in Effingham on the way back with us? Also, I sent Tom a message about where we would stay on the second day. I seriously doubt that I can drive from Effingham to Denver in one leg, so I expect that we would stop somewhere in Kansas or KC. Have you and Tom decided this yet?

    MAMW, according to their catalog, is open Mon - Sat from 8am to 5 pm.

    My cell phone (Verizon) is 303-910-0196.
    Scott, good t see you and Claudia yesterday, even under the sad circumstances. I tried to enter the RMCSC site for members only and again was rebuffed. I entered my user name, bsqaured@msn.com and used the password corvettesrus - did not allow me entry. What is the correct way to enter or can you direct me to someone who can help? BTW, I have asked that you become a friend, if you think it would not upset you too much.
    Rik is putting the "new" motor into it as we speak (type). Should have it back soon and I can't wait. I need my Hi Mileage car back.
    Scott, have you got the Vette running again? Just wondering what the status is. Hope to see you guys sometime in the near future.

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