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  • Talk to me my man, haven't heard from you for a while, quite a while in fact!! Hope all is well with you and yours, let me know your alright my friend, please!!
    Talk to me SPANISHVETTS, you had a quote or phrase about an old slow growing tree and the wood being used to make a casket, loved that say and thought I had saved it but have looked and looked. Must be a popular saying in your area and I wanted to send it to someone too, If you could send that to me I would be grateful.

    Bill Barkdull
    Where have you been my friend, haven't heard from you in a while. . . . . I want to ask you a long time ago you quoted and old saying about meeting your maker and the casket was built out of an old, old rare slow growing tree. If this makes any since I would sure like to see it again so I could print it to keep. If you don't remember that's fine, probably didn't give you a whole lot to go on.

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