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    Whining Noise - Help

    There's a pronounced whine coming from the area of the supercharger/drive belt/pulley. Its a bit like the kind of noise you hear when a power steering pump is about to fail. This whining noise is there with ac on or off, at idle or moving and also present whether gear is in P,N or D. It started...
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    Brake Upgrade - Help

    Hi all. Am still running with standard brakes and its not adequate for this kind of power plus my heavy right foot :ohnoes I need more stopping power. I would be most grateful for any advice/recommendations for a braking system upgrade - rotors, pads etc which would allow me to maintain the...
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    Greetings -New Callaway C6 Owner

    Greetings everyone. New Callaway owner in West Africa. I posted over at the new members intro section and was invited here. I had been browsing this site for a while and decided to officially join up a few days ago. This site is absolutely great and I picked up so many tips even before I got the...
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    Greetings - Callaway C6 Owner

    Hi everyone. I've been browsing this site for a while and love it so I decided to join yesterday. Well I recently got my new Callaway C6 (616hp option - Paddle Shift) and absolutely love it! Awesome power, awesome sound and awesome looks!
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