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    Mufflers Removal.......

    Will the inlet pipe to the muffler clear the rear tires when removing......or will it be best to remove the rear tires before starting this? Looks to me as if there is not enough clearance between the tires and the bend in the pipe to slide out from the cat back y pipe......but maybe. So best to...
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    Question: Looking for some extra sound........

    I am still running the stock mufflers on my '81 and thinking of changing to get a little more rumble in the rear so where better to ask about the best out there but here in the '81 forum? What do you guys think is the best swap out of mufflers to give me some more roar? Not looking to raddle the...
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    1981 Corvette Commercial

    Since this is a 1981 only forum.........where best to post this great commercial.......long live the '81 Corvette :beer 1981 Corvette commercial - YouTube
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    Ethanol Free High Test Gas............How do we know?

    Maybe it getting colder or maybe it the Jack Daniel but question.......how do you know, or can you trust some of the gas stations that says their hi-test is ethanol free? I live near a major gas tank farm here in Charlotte and I question with so many tankers hauling out of there daily why a load...
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    33 years old today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33 years ago today my 1981 C3 rolled off the assembly line in St. Louis. We have worked hard to keep her as close to factory as we can with all engine compartment and ECM function fully operational.
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    Ethanol Gas and ECM Carb

    Hopefully some here are still running the stock setup with the ECM controlled q-jet, here in NC when summer temps starts to rise into the 90s and even those water temps run 180ish my oil temps runs around 220ish and when I shut the lovely lady down the heat buildup in the engine compartment does...
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    What Exhaust/Muffler Mods did you make? And Happy Memorial Day

    Thinking of adding something to get a little more noise in the rear and currently on the ole '81 all exhaust is still stock so where else better to ask about what others did on these '81 than in the best group on the web.....our '81 only forum. So tell me what you used and liked or disliked. I...
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    Odd Sound at times in r/rear

    Usually on initial leaving the garage I pick up a sound from the right rear, sorta sounds like tire sing and usually stops after several miles but may start again and it does the sound regardless of hard surface type. Just had the strut rods replaced and mechanic checked yoke end play and...
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    Strut Rod Lower Mounting Bracket

    How many of you have knocked this out to maybe change out the strut rod or bushings and did it come out easy? Be doing this is a few days to change out to adjustable rod and hoping more then less had easy knockout. Any comments on getting the shaft out is welcome. Merry Christmas to one and all.
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    Suspension Work

    How hard is it to go thur the end end suspension and replace all bushings etc? Thinking of doing this just don't know if let my mechanic have it or do in my shop. Also alittle negitive camber on rear so need to address that as well.
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    Can The Speedometer Break?

    This may be silly but since our '81s pegs at 85 MPH, if went faster could it do damage to the dash unit or any other parts in the system? I ask because this Friday we are doing laps at Charlotte Motor Speedway and last year I only went up to the 85 mark in fear of maybe breaking something and no...
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    Missed Her Birthday!!!

    I feel so bad that this past Saturday, 9/29/12 my baby turned 32 and I missed it. My 1981 Corvette rolled off the line 9/29/80 and hopefully she'll forgive me for forgetting. Maybe a fill up of 93 octane will please her?
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    Shocks???? Which One

    Looking to swap out the shocks on my' 81 since appears still the original ones on the car. What do you guys feel is the best to put on? AC Delco Hydraulic Monroe Hydraulic KYB Gas-A-Just Hi-Pressure The rear seems just a bit low, not bad so wanting to regain possible a bit higher so...
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    The way the factory meant for'em to be

    You all know these '81 are a one of a kind year with carbs controlled by the ECM and such and they can be a headache and many have gutted these factory set up to others non-computer ways......well I for one am glad now that mine is still as she was meant to be. Once you do get all the ECM items...
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    Rear Tires Angle?

    If I recall the 81 was the first to have the composit rear spring, if so comparing my car to other older vettes is useless so I'll ask maybe a dumb question here. My rear tires slopes from the top to bottom out just enough to be noticable when viewed from the rear. Is some slope outward at...
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