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    Help! 2007 C6 Won’t Shift From Park

    A couple years ago I started have problems with my 07 not shifting from park as it should. It’s still in storage for another month or so. I’ve seen all sorts of fixes while searching on Google, everything from breaking the locking mechanism, to replacing micro switches, replacing the shift and...
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    Question: Trying to find C6 transaxle oil info

    Back in 2007 or 2008 there was a post that some C6's may have had oil added that did not contain the additive for limited slip axles. I am trying to locate that post to get the part number for the correct transaxle oil. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    Next Corvette Will Be Powered by Small, High-Revving Turbo V-8

    ..Next Corvette Will Be Powered by Small, High-Revving Turbo V-8 “We have to target a very different sort of buyer.” By Paul Eisenstein | The Detroit Bureau – Wed, Jun 1, 2011 2:59 PM EDT ....Share retweet ...... Anxious to attract the sort of high-performance buyers increasingly drawn to...
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    Question: Dash and Door Panels

    Just wondering if there are any other C6 owners experiencing the same issue that I am having with the dash and the door panels developing a light grayish/white coating over time. I am getting ready to park the car for the winter, but buy the time that spring rolls around there will be this...
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    Grand Sport Exclusive Video - 2010 Grand Sport LS3 Dry Sump System

    Did you watch and listen to the video? The nose of the crank is longer to fit in the dual stage oil pump.
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    Grand Sport Exclusive Video - 2010 Grand Sport LS3 Dry Sump System

    These engines do not come on Grand Sports with Automatic transmissions, nor do they come with the Grand Sport convertibles
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    On Star Connection Lost

    Several weeks ago I received an email from On Star that the diagnostic check had not been perfomed for several months. The system would perform the check the next time the car was started and outdoors. It is understandable I stored it before Thanksgiving and have not started it all winter...
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    Corvette Sales down over 50% vs last year

    Corvette Sales down over 50% vs last year -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR RELEASE: 2009-04-01 GM Reports 156,380 Deliveries in March "GM Total Confidence" brings peace of mind in uncertain times with Payment Protection and Vehicle...
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    Question: Has anybody else read this???

    Toyota purchased Oldsmobile name for $5,000. http://autos.aol.com/article/news/_a/oldsmobile-returns/20080331143109990001?AOLCOMMautodynlsec0004
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    Question: 2008 Paddle Shift Programming

    Does anyone know if the quicker shift programming used in the 2008 models can be downloaded into a 2007 model? Has anyone asked their dealer about this? Any information is greatly appreciated. There is an article in Corvette Quarterly about the changes to the manual and automatic...
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    Question: National Street Machine Club

    Does anyone know anything about the National Street Mchine Club? I just received a letter for a charter membership. It is a one year trial membership, looks like they send out garage equipment/tools to evaluate, fillout a questionnarie, and you get to keep the item. Just wondering if...
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    Corn Powered Z06 Pace Car

    Chevy Unveils Two Unique Corvette Pace Cars History will be made at the 2008 Indianapolis 500 when a pair of distinctive yet highly differentiated Corvette models will serve as the official pace cars - one highlighting Chevrolet's commitment to fuel solutions and the other marking 30 years of...
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    Tire Chains for a C6

    Does anyone know if there are tires chains that are available for a C6? Also will tire chains work or fit on a C6? Thanks
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    DEI & mark Martin

    Mark Martin will now be driving for DEI starting this weekend.
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    1st & 2nd Place

    Gavin and Beretta Score Sixth GT1 Win of Season in Mid-Ohio ALMS The GT1 class in the Acura Sports Car Challenge at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course was a tale of two Corvettes. It was the best of times for Oliver Gavin and Olivier Beretta as they scored their sixth victory in seven American Le...
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