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    Question: interested in front brake conversion kit

    I am interested in replacing my front drum ( 1964 ) brakes with disk brakes . Also a duel master and a vac booster. ( I only have a single master )I have been looking at a company in Florida corvette stainless brakes (cssbinc ) . I believe they sell a package that includes new spindals. Any...
  2. Wayne64

    Western Wheel Corp Info ?

    My Aluminum rims have a western wheel forged with a s/n af1587 also stamped x-h 306065 Around the inside of the rim lip are circles. Would anyone know if this would be an original rim for a 1964 Knock off ? Have a good Christmas
  3. Wayne64

    Any tips for hood removal.

    I will be taking the hood off to refurbish the light motor over the winter. Any tips would be appreciated.
  4. Wayne64

    re oil coming from rear end.

    I understand it is normal to have some oil drip from the rear end were the drive shaft yoke enters from the transmission. Is this a difficult fix ? Can the seal be replaced without taking out the rear end ? Any help would be appreciated. I believe a synthetic oil is in the posi rear end.
  5. Wayne64

    re clutch or transmission 2nd pops out

    Sometimes when i down shift from third to second. The second gear pops out into neutral. Would this be a clutch adjustment problem ? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Wayne64

    tach bouncing at idle.

    When the engine is at idle I notice the tack jumping up and down . When i am driving it is fine.. Is this normal or is their a fix for this . Thanks
  7. Wayne64

    What is the best spark plug for 327 ?

    Just wondering what is the best spark plug for my 327 solid lifter horse power ? 300. I curently run a/c delco.
  8. Wayne64

    Just wanted to say Hi From Ont. Canada

    Hi All. Just wanted to say hi. I own a 1964 corvette conv. I have learned a lot so far. My main interest is driving the car and over the winter replacing worn parts. Hope to see you on the road.
  9. Wayne64

    re polyurethane total suspension kit 1964

    Has anyone installed a suspension kit. I was wondering if this is a job that can be done at home. I was looking at Corvette Central for parts. Any sugestions would be helpfull.;help
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