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1/4 mi estimates



Just curious of the potential of a 3500 lb Vette with 3.55 (3.73??) 2500 stall and a TH400 on 27 in. rubber. DD estimates on our 383 are 468 hp @5500 and 497 tq @4000 Suggestions??

383 stroker with forged pistons (approx 9.8:1 cr)
Canfield 197cc al. head assembled w/roller springs, cnc chambers, blended bowls, port matched, 2.08/1.6 valves
224/234 @ .50 .499/.502 lift 112 cl
roller tip rocker arms
770 cfm Holly Street Avenger
Performer rpm intake
Stock HEI w/pertronix kit
8 mm plug wires
hv oil pump
1 5/8 headers
windage tray
6 qt baffled oil pan
* will add 150-200 hp NOS at a later date(Power thirst quincher)
That sounds like a ton of potential to get solid in the 12's with the engine, and maybe 11's with the bottle.

With any application however, if it is not tuned and matched, it might not break the 13's.

In the same respect, getting traction is always half the battle. That kind of combo is going to light them up pretty easy on the take off, and when it goes into second gear.

I had a 383 stroker in my 85. On one set of tires it would run low 13's all day long. On my street tires with 17" cool looking rims, it was all I could do to break a 14.5!!

So, I give up on really making any 1/4 mile predictions considering the HUGE variations in tires, driving ability, etc.

Good luck with that project, it sounds like a blast!

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