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180 degree thermostate




I am getting ready to do what was suggested to me earlier on about getting a new water pump and 180 degree thermostate, my question can I purchase these at Auto Zone they said they have a brass thermostate that is made by Robert Shaw and they have a new water pump. Do I need to get a stainless thermostate or is brass alright. What kind of thermostate do I have now? Is this the reason I have green sludge?

Thank You,

Hello I hope I shed some light

If you have green sludge your system will HAVE to be back flushed and the radiator condition looked at very closely looking for restrictions or blockages. Your coolant should be changed every 24 months regardless of mileage or lack of mileage.

Water Pump---- Make sure it's new NOT a reman and made by a reputable and recognized manufacturer such as TRW, MOOG etc....
Stay away from unheard of companies.

Brass is fine that's the way Shaw (company) does them.

Good luck
Sharkette DO NOT BUY ANNYTHING FROM auto zone as far as water pumps alt ect!!! there parts are CRAP!! Either call me at the shop 615 255 3939 or e mail. buy a stainless thermo 180!! from gates. Do flosh block and heater core!!! Hope this helps.
I am certainly not an expert but the sludge probably has nothing to do with the thermostat. As mentioned, you should flush the system and maybe have radiator tanked (cleaned) at radiator shop. I am using stainless steel thermostat but I don't think it is neccessary as clean coolant will prevent rusting. Some folks upgrade waterpump to highflow type, but there are some considerations to think about. High flow water pumps pump coolant through radiator at higher rate than standard pump. This does not allow air to blow over coolant as long reducing transfer of heat. In some cases, high flow pump will increase coolant temp because of this. Unless you are running super modified engine and really high rpms, a standard quality pump should work just fine. In fact, on another forum someone indicated that they were having high temps and installed high flow pump to no avail. Good luck.



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