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1955 vette

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There's a lady that keeps a listing of all known Corvette registrys. I'll see if I can find it again. I run across it occasionally but never bookmark it. :hb


thanks 59tom , i really appreciate any info on 55 registries that you can come up with.....JIM
'55 Registry

I can't find a '55 only registry but I've been told that Ken Amrick of the Solid Axle Corvette Club has been keeping a registry of '53-'55s for many years. Contact him and see where that leads you.

Ken Amrick, PA vette5362@mail.com


Thanks Tom for the registry info. Maybe you could help me access the member's ride section. Everytime i log in it says i cant be found in database..thanks again JIM

The members rides is a seperate section of the forums and you have to register there also. I use my same log-on and password to make it simple. Let me know if you have any problems registering.


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