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1970 Ls5 Specs



Trying to find original engine component specs.
Cam specs?
Type of crank,rods,valves,etc...
Also any thoughts on if seat inserts need to be installed in the original heads.

Any info appreciated.

Hi Manny,

Haven't talked to you in a while. I know that '71 on up had hardened valve seats for unleaded fuel but I don't think they did before that. I have older Chevy power manuals around someplace that have all of this info in them but it would require some digging. Maybe someone else has a readily available source.


If you'd like, I can snail mail you a copy of the Chev. Engineering Center's Corvette spec sheets for 1970. This will tell you everything you could possibly want to know. One of my books has these for 53-77, 1970 is 27 pages altogether so I didn't want to even attempt a scan. If you're interested, email or IM me your address and I'll fire up the copier at work. :)

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