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I am in the process of restoring a 1973 Corvette. The transmission is a 700R4 out of a 1982.

Problem: Transmission crossmember for the 1973 doesn't match up with the 700R4 mounting location.

Does anyone know if the 82 crossmember is the same as the 1973? My thought is it is pretty similar, just moved back about 3 inches to accomodate for the longer 7004.

There is a conversion site that sells thier aftermarket crossmember for about $200, but thought I might be able to use one out of a 1982 for less $.

Just thought I'd mention that everthing I've read and heard indicates the the 89 and newer 700 transmissions are much improved over the early models.It might be worth while to consider this before investing the time and labor on the older transmission.

Good Luck

It is probably too late for this info but I bought the aftermarket cross member for my 75. It bolts right in nice. I have not put te body back on the frame yet, but believe that it sits very similar to the TH-400 that came out of the car. The body is going back on Sunday so I will have a better idea of clearence if you are still interested.

They also make a plate to adapt your existing mount to the tranny. If you use this you will have to move the emergency brake cable several inches to accomodate the housing and drive shaft. I originally bought this but thought it would break under the stress of use. It seemed very flimsy.
Never too late. I appreciate your comments. I am still looking for options.

I am probably too late to but ..... I thought it only involved a modification to the mount, no need to modify the crossmember. Mount needs to be modified to move it back about 3". Check out this site for more detailed info: http://www.700r4.com/sitemap.html


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