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1974 coupe progress


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Aug 10, 2006
Wyoming, Ontario Canada
1974 blazing copper coupe
I am learning how to post appropriate size pics and rather than hijack daves 1974 convertible thread, I thought I'd start a new one showing the history of car since I took it home on trailer last July.View attachment 13976This is the car when I got it home
View attachment 13977
This is vette with her new roommate. At his point most of the mechanical work was done to make the car driveable. New brakes, rear diff, other minor work.

View attachment 13978
This shows car last winter in the middle of being scraped with a razor blade.

View attachment 13979
More razor work

View attachment 13980
Some sanding done, new back bumper cover on.
Sorry I am missing all the primer pics; Other camera and I can't figure it out.

View attachment 13981Installing letters, locks etc.

View attachment 13982

View attachment 13983
Out in the sun...color is 2005 Mazda Blazing copper
Hope car to be complete by weekend for show in Bothwell Ontario this Saturday. Will keep you posted. Ben
It might be me but I could not get one of the attachements to open.:upthumbs
I can only see pics if I am logged on; not sure if there is an easier way to see the pics.

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