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    are you still looking for zora signed stuff i have some rare posters let me know if you are interested you can get me at cey2011@wowway.com
    Actually, we have not made it to the DYNO yet due to a rocker stud failure but we will make it soon. I should have all the parts we need to install full 1.6 roller rockers at Christmas. Send me an email at jsiford@verizon.net for pics and details. It would be much easier this way.
    Hey I was just wondering how you made out with your car. Last we talked you were unhappy with the dyno results of your car, I was curious if you found out the problem. I am currently installing flat top pistons, aluminum heads, alum pulleys, and electronic ignition. I hope I break the 350 HP goal I hoped for. I was also curious if you could once again tell me all the mods you did to your motor I think we will be running similar set ups.
    Absolutley. What specifically do you have in mind that you need? I'll send them to you by subject matter.
    Jeff, thanks for all the feedback. I'm thinking of taking on this project over the winter here in Idaho. If you could forward some picks that would be great. Ken, my email address is krscholz@msn.com
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