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1974 engine info



hello every body, I just bout a 74 orange vette with a bbc 454 my Question is does any body now the engine info?
I know it had 270hp which is really low for a BB
so does it have small oval port heads low comprestion pistons or sucky cam please help I have to rebuild the engine and I would like to know what to get.
Thanks, James
Even though I don't know the answers to your questions, I had to reply because it's not too often that a '74 orange Corvette shows up! My husband has a '74 orange Stingray convertible...there are not too many around. As a matter of fact, his is in the body shop being all "prettied up" and repainted the same original Corvette Orange.

Welcome to CAC...I think you'll like it!


Welcome to the CAC Forum. This is a great place to meet nice people who love Corvettes. Check out the technical drop menu on the CAC home page. You should find some helpful info there. I'm sure some knowledgable fellow member will fill you in on the questions you asked.

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Hi James,
Welcome to the CAC.
The answer to all your questions is yes- all of the above. I don't mess with BB's that often but you will need all of the basics.
More compression: keep it between 9.2 -9.5
More cam: don't overdue it. rule of thumb- cam powerband should end at 400 rpm below max rpm.
Ignition: your points dist has a horrible advance curve, upgrade it to a good electronic such as msd, etc.
Headers: optional but a good free-flowing exhaust is a must.
Intake: good aluminum dual plane intake will highlite the rest of the mods.
Carb: 750 cfm minimum, edelbrock 750 afb my personal favorite.
This will get you in the 375 - 400 hp range depending on cam. Hope this helps.
jamesfast Welcome to The Corvette Action Center

Best of luck building your BB. Stingray6974 is a pretty good source if you run into problems or have more questions. There are some really good Chevy Rebuild books out there too. I am curious about what you have for a transmission, Manual or Automatic? Remember to match some running gear along with your engine rebuild esp. Clutch for a 4-speed and maybe a shift kit for an automatic.. Keep us posted and by all means ask questions. The only Dumb questions are the ones that are meant to be "Dumb Questions".

Check out the Solid Axle Lounge for more help and friendly conversations. And enjoy...enjoy... enjoy ;)
Thanks everybody, I just luck out on this car.
it's a very cool car, so do you all think i should keep it orange? funny everyone say's not to so I think I will keep it
I just finshed rewiring it and the next step is the engine
the only way I got it running was to put a new MSD dist and box in.
again thanks alot,
Definitely keep it orange!! Again I say, there are so few of them out there! Stay with the orange and be unique!

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