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1977 Air Conditioning Problem


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May 18, 2001
1977 Buckskin
My compressor keeps cycling ON and OFF.
It clicks on and within 30 seconds, clicks off. I am talking about the compressor clutch. Is this an indication of low R134? I cannot find the site glass to check the level.

Help!! I am burning-up in Bakersfield. 110 degrees in the shade.
My 81 was doing the same thing. I still have R12, but after about 1/2 can, the compresser was working normal, still is. That should do it.
Yep buckskin7T7v, Jeff is right on it. Your likely 1/2 to 3/4 of pound low on refridgerant. I take it that you have converted your system to 134? The performance of 134 vs R12 on an older system is less efficient even with a full charge. Be careful not to over charge it, there should be a tag there somewhere telling you the full charge weight. Good luck.
I had the whole system converted over to 134. Thanks for the info as always. I will have it checked out.
Why wasn't there a site like this when I owned a Pinto?:L :L :L

There was a Pinto site. Except, somebody bumped into the server and it exploded into flames.
But what a thrill. You drive a Pinto station wagon for five days and then the Vette. No gray for me, black or white. Real slow or real fast.:cool
Actually, I currently drive a GEO metro to and from work. It gets nearly 50 mpg, has ice cold air, and jet black tinted windows.

Kind of the 90's version of the Pinto.

This is my second one. The first one died in a serious accident back in May. I found out what it is like to accelerate from 0 to 50 and back to 0 in about 10 feet. Geos don't hold up all that well when hit from behind by an 87 Chevy van (doing 50) and get pushed into a 95 F-150.

At least it did not burst into flames.

Anybody know a good chiropractor???

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