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1979 Seat upholstry confusion. Help!


Morpheus Blak

I am about to have the seat bottoms(my upper seat backs are fine) reupholstered, but I am unsure as to what the correct stitching and padding pattern that the seats ought to have. Currantly(and this is by no means correct, as I am not sure that the buckets that are in there now are original) the worn out seats are the leather/vinyl combo, and have two seams on the seat where you butt goes. These seams are the double stitch type(stitching down each side of the seam). It is also FLAT on this part where the butt sits itself. Now, the confusion is that I am not sure if this is the correct bucket for this year, as the 1978 Anniversray car, whose many comfort features carried over to the 1979 model appears to have had a seat bottom that had two seams again, not double stitched and have a ‘puff’ rounded padding for added comfort for our precious behinds. I was at J&D Corvette a couple of days ago, and asked to see the replacement upholstry covers for my car, and it was this ‘puff’ kind that I was shown. Now, the confusion grows, as in photo reference, and in a couple of cars that I looked at in the J&D lot, I am not getting a definative answer. HELP as I want to get this project going ASAP! Thanks!
Man, that is a tough question. We have several members here with that year model car, but not sure how original they are.

I hope we can find an answer soon.

You might want to go through the Portal on the top of the screen and search out vendors that might help with this concern.

Talk to the guys at Al Knock. I'm sure that you can get new seat bottoms assembled on new foam that are absolutely correct. They can sort out your confusion and clear things up in no time.



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