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1979 specs????



Boy I sure would like to see some 1979 specifications. Maybe there the same as the 1983 specs. :confused
Ask away.

Hey 79er, I never noticed the pic in your signature before, that stinger looks great on your hood! Very tasteful, maybe Chevy should've kept it for more than just 67.
Originally posted by 1987 Z51 We all have our little nuances...[/B]

So that's what you call it! :t

Thanks 71 I just got the pic changed today. Thanks to 1987 Z51.

Very sharp looking shark. looks like a shark with teeth.

Racer78 said:
1987 Z51,

Class clown huh? :)

Ya gotta watch out for us old guys, and we're getting more prevalent each and every day. ;)

83 specs

I like billagroom's humor. :L

72 Bluz
Racer78 said:
...i gotta learn who is kidding around and who is not.

It took me a while to get use to that as well Keith, but then, it took a lot of other people quite a while to get used to ME! :Silly

Hea the old girl gets up and shocks a lot of people. Mainy ricers thow. For some reason hearing header ping, and a little lope with gear timing does not mean much to them. Oh course just by hearing this I just could of put on headers, a new cam, and timing gears. But while you have the engine apart new heads and intake would not hurt. Personal I don't care what it sounds like also long as it makes me faster!! BTW not to make anyone feel old I'm 21.
1987 Z51 said:
...it took a lot of other people quite a while to get used to ME! :Silly

So tell us Ken, how long is a while?:L
How much longer do we have? hehehe

Too late! Now I feel older! LOL


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