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1980 Window stuck HELP



The passenfer side window in my 1980 is stuck in the UP position
Having never removed the door panel...I am looking for a few pointers on how to do so...any additional help with the motor would be appreciated <sp> The volt meter on the dash moves if I toggle the switch in either position...but the window does not budge.
I think someone cleaned a contact the last time this happened?

Going from memory here..


There are Phillips type screws in your door panel. They are somewhat flatter than a normal Phillips head.

From memory here.. there is one in the door handle (the one you use to open the door) one in the top of the side arm rest, two in the side arm rest, one at the bottom door, near the opening side and one inside the little side compartment toward the front of the door. Also on at the top of the side panel near the rear of the window.

You'll have to unscrew the door lock button too. Then from the bottom tap it in an upward direction.. Opps forgot about the Mirror, once you get the door panel loose there is a small allen screw that connects the cable to the panel control. Now it should come free and you should be able to remove the panel.

Have you checked the switch? Motors do fail but most times it is the switch that needs replacing, or the window needs adjustments.

Be sure to completely check out the motor operation before you buy a replacement. Good Luck.

power window switch

I had the same problems a few years ago, it was the switch. At the time I couldn;t find my meter so I unplug the opposite side and plug in the side I was having problems with, it worked so I knew it was the switch.
same here...

Switch the switch, and it should work fine. It has power, but the faulty switch won't let it thru.
Intermittent problem?

I've had this problem once, voltmeter moved and I could feel it draining power, but window would not move.
So I cussed a bunch and drove away and the thing started working again? about 5 miles later. Has worked since. Could this be a sign to replace the switch now? before it goes out for good, or could it have just stuck that one time?

This is a 1980 also. ( I like "crank" windows better )
Stuck window

Ditto on Silver.... had the same problem switched the switched and now it works. While we were in the panel we were able to clean all the 20 years build up of "gunk"

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