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84 4+3 HOW TO CHANGE CLUTCH MASTER if you are not a contorsionist.


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Apr 26, 2019
84 4+3
First time on the forum, Like my 84 red corvette I have been
sleeping for 20 years. It is now time to get her going after 20 years in my
garage. I say "her" because all she does is spend my money and call
me stupid.
First problem: pass door is stuck closed (like it is jammed). Key won't
turn, elect lock no move,door handled are rock solid stuck.
(I'll get to it later).
Problem 2: would not start. Bad gas, in tank hose missing, pump
and fuel lines in tank sledged shut. Lots of dry cranking and oil
pressure is reading 60 PSI. Removed gas, new pump, filter,
screen,drilled out sludge in tank lines, Purged lines.
So now she rewards me by starting. Sounds good.
Problem 3: KILLER. no pressure in clutch pedal. Pulled it
out of the garage and moved it to my BENPAC on the other
side of the garage. Removed fluid line and pumped pedal
had finger over MC output and just felt a little pulsing. Took
1 week to get 13mm MC bolts out And now the hard part.
I can't find or see the loop on the MC push rod. The wires
are in the way. I tried to remove the dash plastic frame to get at
the side panel with hood opener decal and I tried every allen
wrench on the headlight knob set screw (NO GO). I read that
you can shine a flashlight through the removed panel right to
the MC push rod. There is another plastic panel under the dash panel WTF.
I am down to taking out the drivers seat to get my 72 year old body
some where in a position to see the retaining clip. I am
going on 3 weeks without any success.

Anyone done this on an 84?
This might help,eventually I gota do mine.
replace clutch master cylinder

That is a great link and I will give it a try when
it stops snowing here in the Poconos.
Yesterday I removed the driver's seat and spent
20 minutes on my back with a camera taking pictures
and getting acid reflex attacks.

After 100 shots I finally got this image. I believe I am
looking at the brake switch on the right. Between the switch
and the clutch arm may be the push rod loop. I can't make out the
clip but a very long screwdriver may rotate it.
I noticed the new MC loop has a new method of holding to the
stud by merely pushing it on so I may just jamb the screwdriver
in there and pry the old clip off.
It doesn't look like there is enough
head clearance for the new rod to clear the loop over the stud
but I will give it a try. I think I will need the help of a guy on the
loosened MC side to work the loop sideways to angle the rod out.

I'll respond how it works out.


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