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Question: 1981 Corvette T-Tops--Repair? Replace?? Keep Originals?


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Oct 14, 2014
1981 Black Coupe Red Interior
My question is in reference to my breaking the original drivers side t top glass on my 1981 corvette.
I am sure there are a lot of opinions out there but I need a few suggestions.
Since the m1131 glass is so rare I bought a new set of tops from Melrose. They fit and look great.
If it were you:
  • would you keep the original set as is?
  • Have the original frames fit with new glass?
  • Sell the old set...other side is in great shape.
If I sell the old set, what is a going price?
Car has 21,000 miles and tops are nice..'81 red interior

PICT2418.jpgPICT2420.jpg PICT2424.jpgPICT2427.jpg
Chances are nobody is going to buy cracked glass tops.
they are only good if you are planning on having the vette judged thru NCRS.
you can try to have new glass put in them but i don't know what the cost would be.
If it were me I'd take a try on Craigslist or something. Like Bill says changes are you get very little for them. Replacing the glass, I think the glass is 80 - 90% of the total price so why even bother? If you have the space save them and throw the broken one away over five years ;)
So I hope somebody can give you a better advice then i did ;)

Greetings Peter

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