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1981 engine performance modification



I'm pretty new atbeing a corvette owner, however I have a stock 1981 with exception of: Hooker Headers, true dual exhaust, no cat, and DynoMax Super Trubo mufflers. There is a slight gain in power however I would like to increase HP a little more (at low-end) (get some good kick of the line).
I was thinking of bringing the compression ration to 9.5:1, Edelbrock intake manifold with matching cam, rebuild stock carb, maybe a shift kit (have auto transmission)

Anyone have any good advice, I am at a loss....Need Advice!!!!


The best thing would be a cam and alum. set of cylinder heads. I also unhooked the computer, threw in a msd ignition, with an edelbrock carb and manifold on my 81 . If youve lost the emissions on your exhaust already you may want to drop the air pump as well for some more extra power. Ive done quite a bit and still have a hard time getting "that low end kick". The only real way to get off the line power on these cars is in the rear end gear. I have about 375 hp and I can barrly spin them off the line. However I can cut them louse anywhere over 15 to 55 mph with ease.

Depending on how far you want to go you may want to look at a bottom rebuld as well. Especally if you change or boar the heads. I started with just the top half on my rebulid and 3 week later it burned up my crankshaft and bearings. I cost me about an extra $1200 to pull the engine and go back threw, plus the $1500 I had to out into the engine block.
Nov 4, 2000
Scottsville, Kentucky
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cmegga has it exactly correct. Stock gears for the automatic in 81 were 2:87, hardley hole shot gears. I have a shift kit in my TH350 it does help, but if your looking for quick out of the hole you will need to be in the mid to high 3: for rear gears.

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