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1981: RPO codes found where?


Jun 29, 2006
Ames, IA
his: Blown 99 C5 Z51, hers: 81 Charcoal Metallic
Quick and hopefully obvious question for a C3 n00b here...

Where are the RPO codes found on a 1981 C3?

Thanks in advance
On the left side of your fueltank under the body (if it's still there..)
With some luck you can order a new one.
If you mean the general RPO code's, check the tech side of this forum on 81 vette's.

Groeten Peter.
You can get a copy of the original build sheet and window sticker for your '81 (if it's a Bowling Green-built car) from the National Corvette Museum, and you can get a copy of the Dealer Wholesale Invoice (which has the same info on it) from a contractor to Chevrolet if it was built at either plant. :)

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