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1981 vette bezels


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Oct 14, 2021
1981 Red corvette
Hi my name is Paul Z. I own a 81vette with 52000 miles(had it since 1988) that I am putting up for sale. In looking in the black book I noticed that the headlight and wiper switch bezels were supposed to be color coded to the interior color. Never noticed before. My interior is camel and yet the bezels are black. The book says that in 1980 they were black. Is it possible that when building my vehicle they simply used ones on hand. It doesn't effect anything but my curiosity. Any insight would be helpful. Thanx
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Welcome to CAC!!
good Luck on the sale of your vette.
as far as the color, I suppose it could,if you have an early "81 like I do(Sept,80 Build)
I'll look at mine late and see if what color mine are.
Welcome to the CAC. I just looked at my wife's '81 with camel interior and the wiper bezel is camel. The light switch bezel is black. This is an October '80 build. She ordered the car and took delivery on 10/20/1980 and I can guarantee that it has never been messed with. As for a black wiper bezel on a camel interior, it is possible that the assembly line could have ran out of camel and substituted black. With so much other black trim on the instrument panel it would not have been a problem.


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