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1982 Corvette Crossfire Injection Timing Issue?

Jun 9, 2019
Hopkins MN
I am struggling to understand how to use the forum on this site or any site. So if anyone can help me in that area I would appreciate it. The main issue I have is with my 1982 Corvette crossfire injection car. I have done everything I can think of and yet my car still won't run right. I have replaced everything. I have done everything. I have had it timed several times and still I have a problem with it. I even checked my catalytic converter, but it still won't run right. Is there some special secret to a crossfire? Does someone have some insight on this particular vehicle? It has to be a timing issue, but I'll be damned to figure out what it is. Is there anyone out there who knows the crossfire engine?
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Exactly what is it doing? What have you done so far?

Have you looked at cam lobe wear. This was an issue I had a few years ago. I am assuming the cam timing is set up OK. Are the compressions about the same for each cylinder? If not then you could have a valve problem. When the ignition timing was done was the brown/orange wire disconnected from the distributor and reconnected afterwards?
The distrib cap could have hairline cracks which are tracking.
Also you need about ten psi fuel pressure to get the TBIs to work . It also may be worth looking at the harmonic balancer on the front of the crank which holds all the belt pulleys. If the rubber has deteriorated timing the engine with its timing mark may be inaccurate. Make sure you find TDC on the N0. 1 cylinder is actually at TDC and compare with the timing mark on the balancer. I think the timing for a standard L83 engine should be 6 degrees BFTDC.
Good luck.

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