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1982 Wiper Switch (Light)


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Jul 23, 2014
Ok....There is nothing I can find under the dash that plugs into the Windshield Wiper switch. I know yall said it came off the plug wire for the switch and it doesn't on mind.

Check out the picture with the only 2 wiring plugs..... 100_4266.jpg
There is a spot at the bottom of the switch (as shown in the photo) where a lamp holder like the one for the lights in the speedo and small guages will fit.
see the hole on the bottom of the switch???
bulb and its holder go in and twist.
need to find a holder....
Thank you Captain Obvious : ) I'm very well aware of the hole for the light. The problem is I have nothing that plugs into it. Someone mentioned that socket and wire came off the plug for the switch but as you can see I have plugged in the only 2 plugs that go on the switch....and there isn't another wire with a socket.

Any chance of someone with a C3 (Later model) can take a picture of theirs and post it? Or if someone flat out knows where that wire and socket are?

Thanks in advance for any help!
The wiring for the bulb is in the switch connector (the top one if you have delay wipers). There is no additional wiring for the light--you just need a twist-in socket.
Ok...I see what you're saying, it already has power, it just needs a socket with a bulb in it. I don't remember pulling one out of it but it has been a while since removed it and maybe I have it somewhere.

Thanks a lot...I'll pursue that.

It should look like this....
Captain Obvious.....:chuckle

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