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1984 C4 Need A Lower Seat Height>>>>Help!


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Mar 30, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
1984 Brilliant White Coupe, Targa Top
Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last post but I have been replacing the carpet, door panels, console, sun visors, mats, wheels, tires etc on my 1984 C4 I am almost finished with this project and I have run into a problem.

My new seat cushions are much puffier than my old worn out ones. I am 6'3" tall 200lbs and my head is now touching the ceiling. I have double and tripple checked and my seat controls are in the lowest possible setting. with my old seat I had plenty of headroom and felt like I was looking out of the windshield in the proper section. With the new seats installed I feel like donkey kong sitting in my car :(. I have read that mounting the seats directly to the floor is a viable option for more headroom. Any comments on this? Is it possible to drill mounting holes in my seat bottom to match up with the floor bolts? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks In advance, I cant wait to drive the car after being down for so long however dont want to have to buy goggles due to my head sticking out of the roof!
You don't say but if you have the 6 way seat try moving it forward and then tilt the back of the seat down and then release the lever that will allow the seat back to go back. What you want to do is lower the seat bottom at the back as much as possible and then tilt the seat back towards the rear of the car. What your trying to do is get your body in a more prone position and not setting upright. That's what I do to keep my head off the top.
I'll try again but I'm afraid that all the way down in the seat bottom....
Also 6'3" with less severe issues.. shall we say. I have learned to duck forward on certain bumps to avoid banging on the roll cage.

I redid my seats, foam and leather, (much nicer) a few years ago and had no problems like this. Are you sure you put it back exactly right and that you have the seat adjusted as before? Does the carpet/pad sit under the rails? I believe mine sit on the floor pan with carpet cutouts for them

I think you will open a real can of worms if you start drilling seat mounts.

I set my seat with a little back tilt, which gives up some leg room, but allows more head room. :w

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