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1984 clutch parts


Oryst G. Babij

I have got a problem, my 84 Vette is missing the clutch slave cylinder push rod. GM doesnt have them anymore and the parts catalogs give me the same answer we cant get it. What I need is the measurements of this rod so I can make one. Thank You. :bash
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Oryst G. Babij!

:J Hamtramck! It's been twenty years since I've been to Hamtramck. Is the Yacht Club still serving great fish and brew? :J

Wish I could help you with the clutch rod, but I don't have the dimensions readily available (But gimme time! ;)). My engine and trans will be coming out soon for some welcome upgrades, maybe a crate, but until then I won't be able to measure it for you. :L

A few of our members here -- Paul (c4c5 specialist), or Hib (Hib Halverson), or one of the many others, will be along shortly, and I'm sure they'll be able to fill you in with what you need. :upthumbs
Thanks guys for replying to my post. The Yacht Club closed down on Belle Isle if that is the club your talking about. I will be waiting patiently for a reply with the measurment or a place that might still stock that part. I have to say this is the best sight yet for helping a lost soul with his problems.Thanks again.
No George, I was talking about the "Ivanhoe Cafe" aka "The Polish Yacht Club". ;)

_ken :w
The Hard way!

I was working on a 87 that the rod was missing too!

I used old pushrods and did trial & error adjustments starting at about 5 & 1/2 inches.

Assuming that the clutch master & slave are bled & working properly.

I used the pushrods to get the right pedal feel, then ground down a head bolt for the final replacement rod.

Or call a wrecking yard....

Well Ill give it a try with hit and miss system. Ill start at 5 1/2 and keep going till I get the right distance and then Ill have a clutch. Is there a special way to bleed the system in case Iam doing it wrong?:confused

you have to remove the slave cylinder from its mount and get the ass end up so the bleeder screw is the highest thing in the air. The cylinder has a slight upward rake to it and the air collects at the front of the cylinder ( Providing the car is level). Bleed the cylinder first, then set the length of your new shaft.

Well i started at 51/2 and ended up at about 41/2 . But still having problems bleeding the system. After I bled the system it felt good for about a mile and then it started falling back to the floor . Either Ive got more air in the system or Ive got a leak. somwhere. So iam going to give it another try and see what happens.
Leaky Slave

Time to do seals in the slave cyl...or replace

Did that, got a little cold out there might wait for a warm up or get a heater.:drink
Two new questions

1 Why was the shaft missing ?

2 Has the car been not running for a while?
You got a great deal on your heater. Where did you buy it at. I think its going to be cold out here for awhile so a heater is the way Iam going to have to go or wait for summer which is to far away to wait for.:TALK
I would sure appreciate the information on the salamandor heater. Sounds like a nice unit. Thank You
HI there,
Sorry so late, but after review, I can find no information as to the actual distance.
Unfortunately, I have no information on this. However, if I may, have you tried to order a GM slave cylinder??
I know the newer ones come with the pushrod already in there.
Just a thought, c4c5:hb
No I havent tried the new slave cylinder route but that is a good idea. Iam going to look into it on monday thanks for the info.:upthumbs

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