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1984 complete new interior carpeting


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Mar 30, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
1984 Brilliant White Coupe, Targa Top
Has anyone replaced their carpeting? Any tricks or time savers? Any help is appreciated :) :w

Just Finished Replacing my Carpet in my 1991

I am just about finished with this year's winter project. I started in Dec and I am just wrapping it up. I also replaced all weatherstripping while I was at it. I was pleased with how it came out! But it was more difficult that I had thought. I replaced the interior in my 1981 and it was a piece of cake compared to this! I think the 81 has 3 - 5 to pieces of carpet, where the 91 has 12 - 14 pieces.

I probably put in 10 -12 hours a week during the winter. I bought my carpet though Zip Corvettes. The instructions that come with the carpet are worthless. There are a couple of Vette websites with technical articles, I read some of those, but none were step by step. I would recommend that you have baggies, tape, markers and tag everything you take off and keep all screws together. I did buy a whole new interior screw set for about $20. Save all the pieces of carpet you pull out to give you an idea of shape, size and locations of holes. The carpet is not precut with required holes, you need to make the cuts. The carpet sections are not the exact size, you will need to do some trimming.

It will take some time, do not be in a rush, and stay as organized as you can. Here are a couple of pics, I have more if requested. Good luck!


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