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1984 Corvette Water Pump Replacement


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Mar 30, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
1984 Brilliant White Coupe, Targa Top
I have a 1984 C4. I just replaced the radiator this past weekend due to a coolant leak from the front end of the car. The job went very well but after all was said and done I drove the car for ~ 1 hr and then parked it on my driveway. I am now seeing a leak from futher back which I believe is coming from the water pump.

Does anyone have a write up on how to change the water pump. I have found some relatively inexpensive pumps on www.rockauto.com. I have done my due dilligence and checked the local shops for pricing on this job and have found nothing for under $300.00 in labor. I am mechanically inclined however, have never done this job on a C4 before.

Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I've never replaced one, but my first criteria for a replacement would not be cheap. I've installed several inexpensive water pumps only to find that they too leaked. I tend to install new pumps, unless they are really easy to get in and out. One good thing about having a mechanic install the pump is that a leaking replacement becomes his problem.;LOL

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